Oct 13

T8 Launch!

After successfully launching our iitsii hexapod robot kit about a month ago, the time has now come for us to say goodbye to the first batch of T8 spider robots and ship them off around the world to their respective new owners.  We sincerely thank all pre-order customers who supported the iitsii and T8 project from the very beginning.  It’s been an exciting journey for all of us here at Robugtix, creating something fun and interesting to share with the world.

T8 Packaging AreaThe T8 spider robots ship 98% pre-assembled and fully calibrated right out of the box.  This means customers spend much less time going through instructions manuals and more time playing with it instead.

Stay tuned for more updates from this blog, as well as some exiting new videos to be released soon on our Robugtix YouTube Channel.