Feb 17

The W6 Robot

We have some great news to announce.  Robugtix is expanding its product line to include professional use robots!  The result of several years of accumulated research, engineering and simulations, here is a preview of Robugtix’s newest design, the large-scale, weather-resistant W6 robot.  The W6 was designed as a multi-purpose platform readily adaptable to different applications. 

W6 002

Key Features:

  • Weather-resistant, for use in industrial or hazardous environments.
  • Powerful and fast.
  • Customizable with a variety of tools and sensors which can be custom-designed based on client’s specific needs.
  • Ability to climb stairs and walk over irregular surfaces.
  • All systems are custom-engineered from the ground up to deliver extreme performance and reliability.
  • Runs on the latest proprietary software Bigfoot™ Robotics Engine Pro 2.0.  This software has been expanded with 15 times more code than its previous version, with new and blazing fast advanced robotics algorithms.

The W6 is available only to medium and large-sized companies and for use only in industrial, commercial or humanitarian applications.  If you meet this criteria and have a need or application for this robot, contact us at W6@robugtix.com

Special pricing packages and plans are available to early adopters of this technology.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact us at sponsorship@robugtix.com